DMX Flame Projector

DMX Flame Projector
  • DMX Flame Projector

Stage Effect DMX Flame Projector for Show

  • Product No.: 7C-SF02


Voltage: AC110V 220V / 50-60Hz
Output height: 1.5-2meters
Control mode: button or DMX512
Installation:  keep away from the inflammable substance at least 1.5 meters
Packing Size:62*32*29 CM 
NW:4.5 KG
GW:6.0 KG
How to use dmx flame projector:
This fire machine with Three-way switch: up is dmx, middle is off, down is button on.
1,load the oil fuel inside the fire machine and plug into the power source. the button and it will srpay the fire.
3,If use the dmx, the 1st channel control the ignition.
Fire machine fuel.
These fuel can not be sell abroad,so you have buy at your local, there have colors fuel for nature,red,green.yellow
P.S. This products professional person use only.


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