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Fog Machine 3000W Fog Machine 3000W Fog Machine 3000W
Product name : Fog Machine 3000W
Product No. : 7c-S3000
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Product Name:  Disco Fog machine 3000W
Voltage:               AC110V/220V  50/60Hz
Heater:                3000W
Tank Capacity:   6L
Smoke Output:   40000cuft/min
Warm-upTime:  10 minuts
Spray Distance: 15M
Spray Time:        40-50s
LCD Controller: smoke output volume (0-100%),
                             continuous spray time (1S-200S) 
                             interval (1S-900S)
Control:               Wire and Remote
Packing Size:75*36*31cm
N.W.:15.5 KG 
G.W.:17.0 KG 
7clighting supply the fog machine spray the non-toxic smoke effect, which creating a specific mood or feeling 
for a theatrical moment,also they are often used in nightclubs and other entertainment venues to enhance the 
effects of lighting and laser arrangements.

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