What Can CO2 Cryo Do For You?

What Can CO2 Cryo Do For You? (Questions quote from Atlanta Special FX)

Here's how you know if CO2 and Cryo is right for you

You’re a Nightclub and want to give club guest a surprise blast cooling them down when the temperature gets hot
You’re a Bar and want to give patrons a shock during the drop of a hit song
You’re a Movie Special FX company and need some scary fog or smoke scenes
You’re a mobile DJ wanting to add the next awesome effect to your show
You’re a Production rental company and need to increase your special effects options to up sell to your clients
You’re a Theater and want instant fog effects that imitate fog, steam, or smoke, but don’t want to fog your audience out
You’re a Band wanting to add flare to your show
You’re a Professional Sports Team, High School or College and need some pop to your team intros
You’re a Lighting company need additional effects to increase your sales package options

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