DJ UV COB Cannon 100W PAR 64

DJ UV COB Cannon 100W is LED lighting fixture and it built with latest-technology and using state of the art COB LEDs and solid state electronics materials, it offers powerful blacklight production and creates UV wash lighting, pulse, and strobe effects for any event needed.

It’s ease for operation. Compare it to ADJ UV COB Cannon, this one has similar quality and features for less than $100!

  • Item #:   7C-LP100UV
  • Voltage:   AC 110-240v,50-60Hz
  • Power:    120W
  • LEDs:      1 x 100watt COB UV LEDs (Chip On Board)
  • Control:   Dmx512,M/S,Stand-alone
  • Colors:    UV Colors
  • Waterproof: IP20 Indoor use
  • 4-button DMX Menu display on rear
  • Dmx connector: 3-pin In/Out
  • Power connector: build with power cable with plug.
  • Size:        25x25x35cm
  • Weight:   4.5KG
  • Features:
    Over-heat protection
    Dimmer, Strobe, Jumping, Wash effects
    Low Noise
    Large ultraviolet color output
    Easy Digital Control Panel
  • Intelligent connecting Master/Slave signal
  • Dual Mounting Yoke Allows Flexibility in Positioning

You can oder it online: Click it here.