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Stage Lighting >> Why choose led stage lighting?
Why choose led stage lighting?

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, have been around for the last fifty years but only became a viable lighting source
in entertainment lighting in recent years.
Today, LEDs uses in a variety of applications and seriously challenge the incandescent and discharge lamps that 
have been the mainstay of DJ, club and stage lighting. They not only offer the opportunity to create effects that could 
not be produced with lamps but are eco-friendlier than their traditional lighting counterparts.

What’s the Advantage compare led stage light to tranditional light?
•      Stay cool: LEDs generate much less heat than traditional lamps
•      Go green and save some green: LEDs do not consume a lot of power. They are much more eco-friendlier than 
        traditional lamps. In general, you can link dozens of units in just one single circuit.
•      No worry about fragile bulbs and lamp changes: LEDs last much longer than traditional bulbs- usually between 
       50,000 to100,000 hours.
•      No need for gels: LEDs offer a myriad of color possibilities without the need to use gels, as in traditional PAR cans.
•      Lighter weight = More Portability + Easier setup
•      Efficiency: LED washes produce colored lights more efficiently
•      More colors: LED washes produce millions of colors with RGB mixing
•      Longer life span: LEDs last between 10,000 and 100,000 hours compared to just thousands of hours in a quality 
       discharge lamp
•      Silent operation
•      No duty cycle: Because they generate very little heat, well built LED fixtures are less prone to overheating, eliminating 
       the need for duty cycles
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